Columbia Regional Airport

May 26 and 27, 2018
Airshow Gates open at 9:00 AM

Shuttle Buses: the quickest, easiest path to the Airshow!
  • Avoid the traffic and airshow parking. Let the shuttle bus drop you off right at the front gate.
  • Buses begin boarding at 8:30 AM at the AV14 [Trowbridge] Parking Lot (Ashland Rd at E Campus Dr) in Columbia, and at the Jefferson City Airport.
  • $5 per person round trip.
  • You can return AT ANYTIME from the Airport to the Parking lots.
  • You do not need to reserve tickets or space on a bus.  Just arrive and board.
  • Handicapped accessible buses are available.
  • You may bring collapsible strollers but NO coolers, NO picnic baskets, NO alcohol.
  • No bikes, tricycles, scooters or roller blades.
Warning_Sign.gif (3360 bytes) LIMITED PARKING
at the airport!
Scheduled airport maintenance has limited the parking space available at the airport for the 2017 Airshow.   Airport parking may require long walks and inconvenience.

(Additional information about Airport parking will be listed here when available)

Please consider using the Shuttle Buses at
AV14 [Trowbridge] Parking Lot
and the Jefferson City Airport

Spend the day as we Honor and Remember our Nation's and our Allies' veterans, and say "Thank You!" to current active-duty members of our Armed Forces, members of the National Guard and Reserve, and Allied Forces.

The public is invited as guests of the Salute to Veterans Corporation, no charge. Grab your folding chairs (no seating is provided) and hop on a shuttle:
  • $5 per person round trip.
  • Buses leaving from the AV14 [Trowbridge] Parking Lot (Ashland Rd at E Campus Dr) in Columbia, and the Jefferson City Airport beginning at 8:30 a.m.
  • The buses will continue to return passengers to their boarding lots until everyone gets back after the Airshow closes.
  • Folding chairs and collapsible strollers are OK.
  • No coolers allowed on the shuttles or at the airshow!
  • Full food and Beverage Tents are on Site.
  • Souvenir Vendors are on Site.

For safety's sake at the Airshows spectators are reminded:

  • No Fly-in's:
    • Airport closed to all but scheduled commercial traffic Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
    • There is no space for private aircraft.
  • No coolers, no picnic baskets, no alcohol, no pets
  • No bikes, tricycles, scooters or roller blades
  • No smoking inside the gates
  • No unauthorized sales
  • No petitioning
  • No soliciting

Tips to Enjoy the Airshow:

  • Take folding chairs (no general seating available)
  • Take along layers of clothing, roll-up rain suit, or ponchos (no umbrellas, please)
  • Take sun screen!
  • Take a hat and binoculars
  • Hearing protection is advisable.. especially for small children. Consider leaving infants at home.
  • Airshow environments with high noise levels and weather exposure, are not the best for very young children.
  • Wear sturdy shoes...tarmac may get hot!

Contact Information
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Memorial Day Weekend Salute to Veterans Corporation - Non-Profit Organization