2016 Airshow Events


Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29, 2016

8:30 AM Leaving from Walnut & 5th Parking Garage (500 East Walnut) in Columbia, and the Jefferson City Airport.
9:00 AM Gates Open at Airshow
Flight of the Kansas City Dawn Patrol "Flying Circus" WWI Airplanes and WWII Stearman PT-17 and Piper L-4.
1917 Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" maneuvers and flybys.
U.S. Army Parachute Team "Golden Knights"  Opening the airshow during the National Anthems carrying the Flags.
Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team "SkyHawks".  Bringing their parachutes in close proximity to build formations in the sky known as Canopy Relative Work.
University of Missouri Joint Service ROTC Drill Team.
Salute to the Nation Solemn Ceremony:
   dot8.gif (827 bytes)   National Anthems of the United States and Canada
dot8.gif (827 bytes) 21-Gun Salute by the VFW Post 280 Firing Party
dot8.gif (827 bytes) Reading of the 225+ names from the Veterans Memorials at the Boone County Courthouse and at Columbia Cemetery, honoring those Veterans from WWI to the present, who gave their lives in service to their Country
dot8.gif (827 bytes) Honored Guests and Tuskegee Airmen Reunion Group are mustered at Show Central
Introduction of Honored Guests and Reunion Groups
Concert by the Boone County Fire Protection District Bagpipers
"Valiant Echoes" BT-13 Vultee  Aerobatic Demonstration.
RadialVelocity_2014_th.jpg (3196 bytes) "Radial Velocity" AT-6 Reno Air Racer high speed maneuvers and flybys.
RadialVelocity_2014_th.jpg (3196 bytes) D.H.100 "Vampire" Jet Areobatic Demonstration flying with us for the first time anywhere.
"Valiant Echoes" BT-13 Vultee  Aviation Cadet Training Simulation.
"Trojan Phlyers" T-28B Trojan dramatic Aerobatic Demonstration.
Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Demo Team.  Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the pan-Canadian effort to train aircrews for the Second World War.
U.S. Army Parachute Team "Golden Knights"  Performing a mass jump.
Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team "SkyHawks".  Bringing their parachutes in close proximity to build formations in the sky known as Canopy Relative Work.
U.S. Navy VFA-122 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet TACDEMO Team, “The Flying Eagles”.
4:00 PM Flying Events Concluded

Monday, May 30, 2016

10:00 AM 28th Annual FREE Salute To Veterans Parade on Memorial Day in downtown Columbia with fly-overs by airshow performers. The NEW ROUTE for the 10:00AM Salute to Veterans Parade on Memorial Day, is down Broadway, turning North (right) on 10th Street; left on Rogers and right on 8th Street to disband in the huge parking lot beside Columbia College Athletic Field.
10:45 AM Military Ceremony - At the end of the Parade the US Army Parachute Team, The Golden Knights, and the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, The Skyhawks, will jump into the Columbia College Athletic Field prior to the start of the Salute To The Nation Ceremony. The Golden Knights will make a SPECIAL PRESENTATION upon landing of the Baton (that they will have passed back and forth during their free fall descent), to a selected recipient on the ground, prior to the start of the annual Salute to the Nation Ceremony and the Memorial Day Speech which will be given by the ranking Military Honored Guest.
Service Songs; "Amazing Grace" by the Bagpipers; 21-Gun Salute and Echo Taps to end the 28th Annual, 6-Day Salute to Veterans Celebration.
Colonel Robert Leeker, AirBoss
Colonel Robert Leeker, AirBoss. USAF, Ret. Wing Commander, 131st Bomb Wing, Whiteman AFB, MOANG, Ret.. Awarded the Bronze Star for ground combat as commander of Kirkuk Regional Air Base. Flew a variety of military aircraft including the F-15 Eagle in Iraq. Final flight upon retirement was as a pilot in the B-2's.
Captain Ted Jacobs, Assistant Airboss
Captain Bill Bond, Assistant AirBoss
. USN, Ret. Commander, Fighter Wing, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, F-14 Tomcats.   A graduate of Hickman High School, the University of Missouri and a Master's Degree from the Naval War College in Newport, RI.
Captain Ted Jacobs, Assistant Airboss
Captain Ted Jacobs, Assistant AirBoss
. USNR, Ret. 26+ years in the USN and USNR flying the P-3 Orion; then a pilot with SouthWest Airlines, Ret.
Chief Chuck Leake, Voice of the Airshow
Battalion Chief Boone County Fire Protection District, Chuck Leake, Voice of the Airshow, USNR, is taking the microphone this year for Commander Ken Hines, USCG, Ret., who is on work related leave after "voicing" for the last 11 years.

Assistants to the Voice of the Airshow for the noon Salute To The Nation Ceremonies.
Chief Chuck Leake, Voice of the Airshow
Kermit Miller, KRCG-TV.  Saturday is KRCG-TV Day at the Airshow
Chief Chuck Leake, Voice of the Airshow
Joey Parker, KMIZ-TV.   Sunday is KMIZ-TV Day at the Airshow